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Useful Information

Useful Information

General advices about a safe holiday, you can find on http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/ .

To avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary expenses, please check that your visa and/or other documents for the entire journey are in order. New President Holidays and / or carriers are not responsible for any irregularities in such documentations

If you do not hold a British Passport, please check if a visa is required for your trip. You can see appropriate information on http://www.fco.gov.uk

Check if your passport is not out of date.

Obtain your travellers cheques and currency.

Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover.

Take your driving license with you

Clearly label your luggage.

Lock all doors and windows before to leave home.

Turn off the gas and electricity.

Carry your passport on your person, don’t pack it.

Allow yourself plenty time to get to the airport.

aaaand ...Have a great holiday!...  

It is important for our clients to understand that the price that you pay for your holiday includes the following:

- Return flights between the UK and your overseas destination.

- Baggage allowance as specified in this brochure under the heading “Flights” or as specified in your ticket.

- Transfers to and from the overseas airport and your accommodation.

- The accommodation and meals as set out in your final invoice.

- Service charges in respect of your hotel accommodation and meals.  Half board accommodation consists of breakfast (usually continental style) and one main meal per day.

- Airport taxes.

- The services of a representative supplied by our agents at your resort.

Passports and visas

All passengers must possess a valid passport to travel to north Cyprus or Turkey.  Newly born infants must be included on their parent’s passport in advance of the departure date.  In the event of a change of name after a reservation has been made, e.g., marriage, it is essential that our office be advised immediately in order that the airline ticket is issued in the correct name. 

It is very important that the initials and the name in the ticket are exactly the same as shown in your passport otherwise it is likely that the passenger will not be able to fly and any applicable insurances will not be effective.  Please ensure that you check these details upon receipt of your airline tickets.

In the event of marriage and if there has been insufficient time to amend the passport the marriage certificate must be available with the Passport.  A visa is not required for British citizens travelling to North Cyprus except in the event of a stay exceeding 3 months. 

If passengers are staying in Turkey, a visa can be purchased before passing through Passport control at the Turkish airport. The current rate for this is £10.00 sterling and no change is usually given. 

Non-British Passport holders must check their own position with regard to Passports and visas with the London Representative of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus on phone No. 0207 631 1930.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation to travel and New President Holidays will not accept any liability in the event that you are refused boarding at the airport.  There have been instances where travellers to north Cyprus have experienced problems when travelling to the Republic of Cyprus due to the TRNC stamp showing in their Passport.  This can be avoided by requesting a slip of paper that is provided at entry to Passport Control in the TRNC.  The stamp is placed on this and must be retained in the Passport until departure when it is stamped again.


Descendants of North Cyprus Nationals should take steps immediately after arrival in north Cyprus to obtain the necessary papers confirming that they are on holiday otherwise they are likely to be delayed when attempting to return because of the rules relating to National Service in the TRNC.

If, due to circumstances beyond our control, and it is necessary to change your accommodation without prior notification to you we will provide alternative accommodation at the same or better level than that which you booked.  It may not be that the changed hotel has all the facilities expected from the original.

It could be that our allocation at a particular hotel is fully utilised but we will be able to offer you accommodation at a similar classified hotel that does not necessarily have all of the same facilities.  In such circumstance we will offer you such alternative accommodation but, should the original rooms become available, we will then conform with the original reservation.

Holiday duration & provision of meals

Holiday duration is referred to by us as the number of nights at the accommodation.   Clients travelling on Half Board or Bed and Breakfast basis may find that a meal is lost on the arrival or departure date.  The cost of the holiday is calculated on this basis and no refunds will be made in respect of lost meals. 


The hotels at our destinations, although given local ratings, are not graded by international star ratings and in many ways cannot be compared with hotels seen in Europe.  However, the majority of hotels seen in our brochure are privately owned, family run businesses and have friendly staff.  Self-catering does vary with cooking facilities and utensils not always coming up to expectations but you will be able to prepare light meals with little difficulty.  Water and electricity supplies are in short supply from time to time.  These factors are more than made up by the hospitable nature of your hosts.  All the facilities described in this brochure were available at the time of going to print and are shown in good faith.  These may not be available at times due to maintenance, mechanical faults, inclement weather or because there are very few guests at the resort and therefore little justification for making them available.  Our company is not responsible for such decisions that are taken locally dependent on the conditions at that time. 

Our clients should appreciate that low season prices reflect the fact that not all facilities can be expected to be available.  At Public Holiday and local holiday times visitors may find that some facilities such as museums and other sites are not available and we regret that such is beyond our control. 

 In the event of a significant change to a resort or hotel, you will be informed at the time of your reservation or as soon as possible after we have the information.  Room types do vary and guest of some hotels may be surprised to find that a property described as a bungalow does, in fact have a bedroom on an upper floor.  These gallery style rooms are very common.  Rooms described as twin may not necessarily have twin beds.  Please point out your preference as to type of bed and if a single story is required and our reservation staff will do there best to deal with such special requests.

All our prices are based on 2 persons sharing twin bed or double bed accommodation except where otherwise indicated.  Single room supplements are as shown.

Satellite t/v services in north Cyprus and Turkey do not include SKY Channels.  However, most services have at least two English speaking channels.

Flight delays

In the event of your flight being delayed New President Holidays will, whenever practical, and subject to an airport being able to cater with:

- Arrange an appropriate meal after a delay of 4 hours

- Arrange overnight accommodation whenever possible for a delay of over 8 hours if extended after midnight

Such provision does depend on actually knowing the length of a possible delay, the availability of adequate accommodation, immigration restrictions, etc...

When long flight delays result in lost holiday time no refunds are given by hotels for unused rooms held for late arrivals.  The rooms are not re-let.  Airlines do not offer compensation for flight delays and therefore the holding of an adequate travel insurance policy will help to alleviate some of the loss suffered due to travel delays in most instances.

Return flight confirmation

Our agents overseas arrange your return flight confirmation after your arrival at the resort.  Please assist them by making your flight tickets available when they request them in order that they may reconfirm travel at least 48 hours before the flight.  Your tickets will be returned to you at least 48 hours prior to your flight.

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